Hey friend!

Wanted to give you a sneak peak into “The Power of Not Yet” I believe God has a turnaround already written into your story and can’t wait for you to discover it!

Imagine what it feels like to hit only green lights on your morning commute. Or what an obstacle-free life would look like, one in which every dream that seamlessly formulates in your mind becomes reality.

Oh the bliss of that life!

Every day and from every angle you are promised success if you just follow this three-step plan or that twelve-step program. Perfectly finished and tied up with a bow, and off you ride into the sunset without a care in the world. You safely and easily arrive at your destination.

Easy breezy perfection, right?

I recently found myself sitting on a beach in paradise, sipping my tropical drink, and realizing at that moment my life was pretty close to perfection.  Teasing thoughts flooded my mind, tempting me to just stay right where I was and skip out on all the responsibilities waiting for me back home. If only I could live here, I thought to myself.

But the reality is I don’t. 

And believe it or not, I have found that life isn’t always as dreamy as sipping drinks in paradise.  The reality is sometimes life is just hard.

Really hard.

Watching your dream come to pass often involves overcoming various obstacles, the threat of resistance keeping you stalled mid-process.


I think you know what I’m talking about. And the more resistance you face, the more you begin to feel stuck. Perhaps a dull restlessness that began as a whisper has become a roar you can no longer ignore.

The feeling of waiting, the moments when we hear not yet can often feel like an internment in a prison camp in which we long to escape and get on with life. Every passing moment, day, and year appears as if nothing is moving.

Often paralyzed with the fear of failure, you feel stuck.



The inspiration to take a road trip with four kids always involved a bit of insanity and grasping at the hope that we were not failure parents.  Often our road trips felt like a reality TV show, and I hoped to God no one could hear the dialogue taking place among the six of us.

The expectation of a glorious family time was often stymied by the intricacies of navigating the different personalities of our amazing kids.  How did God see fit in His infinite wisdom to give us not one but four choleric/leader children, all of whom felt their calling was to lead the “Pisani Family Circus” road trip?  While there were no elephants in our circus there was plenty of hilarity and tension.  Aside from trying to establish strong battle boundary lines before taking off, we always had to double our travel time. As every good parent knows, tiny bladders never, ever have to use the bathroom at the same time.  And those little guys are usually triggered ten minutes and five seconds after the previous bathroom stop, which would equal 147 stops in a six-hour trip.

All the while, the “melodious” sound on repeat from the back seat—and always in unison by all four—was the echo heard every five minutes:

“Are we there yet?”

Young minds don’t understand time.  And even though our immediate response was, “Not yet,” laced with threats of time out if we heard the question one more time, it didn’t stop the squirming with anticipation in the back seat of reaching the destination.

What about you?

Quite possibly, you’ve also been squirming through life, echoes of Are we there yet on repeat in your own head.

Often the middle is the hardest place to exist.

Here is what I know for sure.  Your Not Yet Zone as difficult as it is, is setting you up for a take off.

I believe in you friend, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you are filled with great potential and gifts.  What God has in store for you is beyond your wildest imagination!

Let me know how I can be praying for you as you discover all that God made possible IN you.

Donna xoxo



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