I love the following excerpt from the book Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese, because it’s an in-your-face challenge to not settle but instead look deeper at the glorious possibility God has place in us:

I chose the specialty of surgery because of Matron, that steady presence during my boyhood and adolescence.  “What is the hardest thing you can possibly do?” She said when I went to her for advice on the darkest day of the first half of my life. I squirmed.  How easily Matron probed the gap between ambition and expediency.  “Why must I do what’s hardest?”

“Because Marion, you are an instrument of God.  Don’t leave the instrument sitting in its case, my son. Play! Leave no part of your instrument unexplored.  Why settle for ‘Three Blind Mice’ when you can play the ‘Gloria’?

How unfair of Matron to evoke that soaring chorale which always made me feel that I stood with every mortal creature looking up to the heavens in dumb wonder.  She understood my unformed character.

“But Matron, I can’t dream of playing Bach, the ‘Gloria’ I said under my breath.  I’d never played a string or wind instrument; I couldn’t read music.

“No, Marion,” she said, her gaze soft, reaching for me, her gnarled hands rough on my cheeks.  “Not Bach’s ‘Gloria’! Yours! Your ‘Gloria’ lives within you.  The greatest sin is not finding it, ignoring what God made possible in you.”

Here’s the thing many of us miss as we settle to play our own tired, Three Blind Mice; God himself has entrusted us with our own Gloria.

Each of us.

And until we realize what has been entrusted to us and paid for in full by Christ, we will always live feeling like we are entitled to more, while the little rat song continues to run our lives.

You are a trust fund baby with potential and purpose.  There’s more value inside you than what you could ever imagine. Your life has big purpose; one that involves others – not just you.

Don’t ignore what God made possible in you my friend.

God can do anything you know; far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!
Ephesians 3:20

I believe in you and so does God…praying for your Gloria!  We all need what you bring to the table!

Donna xoxo

Hey friend…have you perhaps settled for Three Blind Mice when God has made so much more possible in you?  Leave a comment to let me know how I can be praying for you!

* Excerpt from The Power of Not Yet, Living a Life of Endless Possibilities, pages 22,23 – available on Amazon.
* Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese – page 7
* Image: Pinterest.

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