Your deficiency is the perfect starting point for a miracle.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
John 10:10

A number of years ago, the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas realized that Odalisque in Red by Henri Matisse had been stolen several years prior.  For more than four years, no one realized the theft had occurred because a counterfeit replaced it in it’s original frame. Amazingly, looking at the original and the counterfeit side by side exposes the obvious counterfeit; yet it passed even the most discerning eyes – from museum staff to President Hugo Chavez.

I fear an all – out war on your identity and purpose would like to leave you a perfect replica instead of an original, imperfect you.  My prayer is that you find a way to be yourself. Who wants a copy when you can have an original? The value of the original of anything is always greater than the counterfeit.  Remember the greatest part of living free is being ok with who you are.

The “who you are’ is who God uses most.  It’s not about a position we’re entitled to, but being positioned to sue what we’ve been entrusted with.

I so believe in you, my friend, and so does God.  Imagine with me the rippling effect of what will happen in your life when you grasp the truth that you don’t have to be stolen from any longer.  Not only can you take back your peace, joy, and confidence, but you can also use it to bring hope to someone else!

That rippling effect gives me goosebumps. (OR is could be the fifth cup of coffee…)

Because your deficiency is the perfect starting point for a miracle.

Praying for you friend, that you find your true authentic self, stop hustling for acceptance and be the YOU God created you to be.

That’s who we need at the table, the imperfect filled with confidence you that knows He is your source.

Donna xoxox

Hey friend, let’s grow together. I think you may have some amazing advice on what we can do to be real and authentic. Share with us what has been the best thing you’ve discovered to do that!

* Excerpt from The Power of Not Yet – Living a Life of Endless Possibilities” available on Amazon. (page 85)
* Image: Pinterest