Who’s standing with you?

But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me.
2 Timothy 4:17

We weren’t that big honestly. 

But every blast of wind that billowed around us buffeted our young bodies threatening to blow us over. As little fourth graders when we left  school that day we could hardly contain ourselves,  so excited to be heading into the beginning of a long anticipated Christmas break.

As my friend and I were navigating our way home, the winter storm we faced proved to be more tenacious than we realized.  As we labored through the wind, my friend  yelled above the din of the storm, “Let’s stand together so we don’t fall over!” Just knowing she was standing next to me added strength as the storm howled on into the evening.

But what about when the Creator of the universe, who hung stars in the sky, painted the landscape around you and knows every single detail about your life.

Yeah, Him.

What about when He stands with you?

There ain’t no gale force wind big enough and no devil in hell strong enough to withstand His strength.  And even if you did fall over, He doesn’t leave or forget you.

HE is still there. RIGHT. BY. YOUR. SIDE.

Hand outstretched, grace extended.

Peace on you friend…praying for you!

Have you ever been in a storm?  Or maybe right now? Lets grow together, share with us what you’re doing to navigate the journey to keep going?  

Donna xoxo