Like Clockwork

I would awaken to her tiny, sweet face staring at me, close enough that I could feel her panicked breath on my cheek. Then, like a record on repeat, I would hear that same little human voice begin to spill out the terrors of the night, the things she imagined in the dark corners of her room.

Of course I knew there were no one-eyed, hairy monsters (thank you very much, Monsters, Inc.) lurking under her bed or evil creatures sneaking around in her closet. But because it was three o’clock in the morning and I was in the midst of sheer exhaustion from a very full life—four kids and a church to pastor—I would grab her tiny body, wrap my reassuring mama arms around her, and pull her into bed with me. Both of us were quickly engulfed in the warmth of blankets and pillows, as I tenderly prayed and quieted her fears until she dropped off to sleep.

This continued for weeks, until one night I realized all I was doing for this little one was soothing her fears, rather than showing her how to break this nightly routine of terror. All I had to do was remind her that she had a light switch in her room; that as tiny as she was, she had the power to switch the light on all by herself to expose the fear and silence her roaring imagination.

What about you?

How often does fear, the disappointment of an unmet expectation, or an out of control imagination scream at you, making you forget you have the power to turn on the light and expose it? God has an extraordinary plan for your life. Every single one of His promises has the power to silence any fear or disappointment in your life. It’s time to stop soothing your fear and turn on the light.

What do you need to bring out of the darkness? Having that conversation? Starting a business? Writing a book? Stepping out of your comfort zone in order to chase a dream that has been stirring around in your soul and keeping you awake at night?

Perhaps this is your first time looking at the fear head on.  Or maybe, like most of us, this is not your first time to the rodeo.  You are well aware of the fear that is keeping you lassoed, locked down, held back, muffled, and gagged, with your stomach tangled in knots the size of Texas.

Fist pump.

You get the picture. If you’re nodding your head right now and thinking, that’s totally me, then you’ve picked up the right book.

You see yourself, bold and brave. Even kindergarteners know their aspirations to become President or to change the world. But somewhere in the wait, between five-year-old you and adult you, life happened. Between the joys of life and the stretching difficulties, you might have begun to feel as though the potential wasn’t as great as you thought. This sobering realization has the capability and potential to paralyze you with fear and rob you of a bright future.

And so you settled into the dark room—comfortably uncomfortable—waiting for someone to turn the light on for you.

But it’s time to turn your own light on, dear one.





Feeling Stuck?

Hey Friend,
Did you know that God himself has already written “brave” on the narrative of your story?

In the “Power of Not Yet” you’ll discover four principles that will move you from feeling stuck in a Not Yet Zone to living a life of endless possibilities!

Here’s a sneak peak at what the book offers you:

The middle is the hardest place to exist because we can’t write on the calendar the exact date and time the season is over, or when that everlasting feeling of being stuck in the Not Yet Zone will go away. Our fears try to hold us back and define us, but we must remember fear is loud liar:

“You should be further along now than you are.”

“You must have failed or you wouldn’t be stuck here.”

“You’re going to have to deal with these issues forever.”

“You don’t have what it takes to get unstuck.”

“You are destined to always be a “two” in a number one world.”

“You’re not smart enough, and not gifted enough.”

“You will never get off the runway and fly how you were created to.”

Yet all you really want to do is fly.

I know exactly how you feel.  I have been there: exhausted because I allowed myself to remain stuck because of the circumstances around me, feeling there was something simple I was missing that allowed others to take off.

I’ve believed God could turn things around, but I had no idea how this would happen.  I experienced the debilitating, immobilizing pain of living years imprisoned by insecurity, comparison, and the crippling mindset that I would always be second.

For years I was silenced by insecurity; the fear had a chokehold on my confidence and destiny. I was dressed in the shame of the sexual abuse I experienced as a child, which kept the authentic me from being known. But I’ve discovered a few powerful concepts that set me free, and I believe if you too can grasp these they will set you free as well.

Simply put, having the right perspective here in the middle is golden, because if we aren’t careful with our thoughts and beliefs, we can define ourselves by the resistance, and the God-given potential and purpose remain hidden.

What if I were to tell you that place of feeling stuck is not defined by failure, but that the Not Yet Zone is actually a set up for a life of endless possibilities?  That this place of waiting actually makes us stronger, smarter, and prepares us to experience the incredible potential God has woven into our purpose? The truth is, the place of waiting is not diminishing you; it’s building you!

You are brilliant. God has hardwired into you a magnificent purpose.  You are brimming with potential to not only have a happy life, but to help others do the same.  You are a world changer; you are significant, and we all need what you bring to the table.

Yes, you.

My hope is as you read this book, you will discover you don’t have to feel stuck any longer. I share four things that have helped me overcome fear, stop hustling for acceptance, and walk boldly in the courage to see the turnaround God has already written into my own story.

We have all been entrusted by God with powerful stories that give each of us authority to lead ourselves well, and I’m going to help you discover the simplicity of these in each section of the book.

We’ve been entrusted with Choice; I will teach you how to flip the switch and expose the fears you’ve been soothing for far too long.

We’ve been entrusted with the Not Yet Zone; I will show you small steps that will significantly impact you to become smarter and stronger while you wait in the process.

We’ve been entrusted with Brave; I will show you how God has already written all over your story that you win, and you will discover how to see and say it; understanding God’s purpose is always bigger than what you can think or even imagine, and His desire to see you fulfill it is even greater than your longing for it!

We’ve been entrusted with leadership I will show you how to lead yourself well and to discover the purpose God has placed in you, removing the confusion of knowing how to start.

The principles in this book changed my life over the past thirty-five years, and I know they will change yours too. I have seen so many people set free from the fear that bellows in the hidden places.  I love watching the transformation that consistently happens.

I will show you how what you think about your season is more important than the season around you actually changing.

Haven’t you been waiting on the runway long enough?  Tired of living small?  Feel called to greatness?

It’s your time, friend, right here in the middle.  You’ve been wired to change the world; my hope is that you uncover your potential and see how to overcome once and for all the fear that is suffocating the life out of you and begin living a life of endless possibilities.

This is your invitation to come along this journey with me; I believe you’ll find yourself in this story just like I did.

I believe in you.  And so does God; in fact, all of heaven is cheering you on!

This is your time         

Donna xoxo

Do you have a dream you see off in the distance that fear is holding you back from?  Share with us what that is, and I’ll be praying for you daily![/fusion_text]

The Not Yet Zone

Hey friend!

Wanted to give you a sneak peak into “The Power of Not Yet” I believe God has a turnaround already written into your story and can’t wait for you to discover it!

Imagine what it feels like to hit only green lights on your morning commute. Or what an obstacle-free life would look like, one in which every dream that seamlessly formulates in your mind becomes reality.

Oh the bliss of that life!

Every day and from every angle you are promised success if you just follow this three-step plan or that twelve-step program. Perfectly finished and tied up with a bow, and off you ride into the sunset without a care in the world. You safely and easily arrive at your destination.

Easy breezy perfection, right?

I recently found myself sitting on a beach in paradise, sipping my tropical drink, and realizing at that moment my life was pretty close to perfection.  Teasing thoughts flooded my mind, tempting me to just stay right where I was and skip out on all the responsibilities waiting for me back home. If only I could live here, I thought to myself.

But the reality is I don’t. 

And believe it or not, I have found that life isn’t always as dreamy as sipping drinks in paradise.  The reality is sometimes life is just hard.

Really hard.

Watching your dream come to pass often involves overcoming various obstacles, the threat of resistance keeping you stalled mid-process.


I think you know what I’m talking about. And the more resistance you face, the more you begin to feel stuck. Perhaps a dull restlessness that began as a whisper has become a roar you can no longer ignore.

The feeling of waiting, the moments when we hear not yet can often feel like an internment in a prison camp in which we long to escape and get on with life. Every passing moment, day, and year appears as if nothing is moving.

Often paralyzed with the fear of failure, you feel stuck.



The inspiration to take a road trip with four kids always involved a bit of insanity and grasping at the hope that we were not failure parents.  Often our road trips felt like a reality TV show, and I hoped to God no one could hear the dialogue taking place among the six of us.

The expectation of a glorious family time was often stymied by the intricacies of navigating the different personalities of our amazing kids.  How did God see fit in His infinite wisdom to give us not one but four choleric/leader children, all of whom felt their calling was to lead the “Pisani Family Circus” road trip?  While there were no elephants in our circus there was plenty of hilarity and tension.  Aside from trying to establish strong battle boundary lines before taking off, we always had to double our travel time. As every good parent knows, tiny bladders never, ever have to use the bathroom at the same time.  And those little guys are usually triggered ten minutes and five seconds after the previous bathroom stop, which would equal 147 stops in a six-hour trip.

All the while, the “melodious” sound on repeat from the back seat—and always in unison by all four—was the echo heard every five minutes:

“Are we there yet?”

Young minds don’t understand time.  And even though our immediate response was, “Not yet,” laced with threats of time out if we heard the question one more time, it didn’t stop the squirming with anticipation in the back seat of reaching the destination.

What about you?

Quite possibly, you’ve also been squirming through life, echoes of Are we there yet on repeat in your own head.

Often the middle is the hardest place to exist.

Here is what I know for sure.  Your Not Yet Zone as difficult as it is, is setting you up for a take off.

I believe in you friend, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you are filled with great potential and gifts.  What God has in store for you is beyond your wildest imagination!

Let me know how I can be praying for you as you discover all that God made possible IN you.

Donna xoxo